The Evolution of WordPress

WordPress is a strange duck. Initially it began as a blogging platform, giving a voice to anyone who had access to the internet and a thought. However, WordPress has shown that it can evolve and as users create new features and widgets it will continue to be a popular platform for blogging and beyond. My experience with WordPress and building sites using their tools has led me to feel that it is one of the most user friendly systems available. In my last job, I was the Director for a Crowdfunding platform which used WordPress. While I wasn’t involved directly with building in some of the features that we used on our site, I can say that from a UX standpoint, you would never know it was built on WP.

For one thing, there’s no mention of WP anywhere on the site. The site also goes beyond the normal “blog posts and pictures” that people associate with WordPress. The back end of the site is completely different from other WP sites I have used, adding more features than I could have imagined possible from a simple blogging platform. I feel that in terms of moving towards enterprise use, it’s already there. You can set up themes so that it acts as an online store, and can add in plug-ins so that it can work with PayPal and Amazon to accept payment. Also, the sub-domain names are endless. There are over 200 sub-domain names on my old website, and more being added all of the time.

Also, in terms of features, our website allows people to create crowdfunding campaigns and shows in real time the progress, the donor information, updates and more. It still retains the blog feature, but this is far from the highlight of the site.



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