Changing the face of advertising

The convergence of multiple media channels has changed the landscape of advertising in today’s digital world. Where you once looked for advertisements in the local paper, magazines, billboards and broadcast media, you now can see all of these represented digitally and across several platforms. It’s uncommon to find a company utilizing just one media channel, and many times they are providing interactive advertisements that urge you to find them on the web.

For instance, lets look at an ad by Dutch Boy paint. Recently, Dutch Boy ran a series of ads that served two purposes: It promoted their brand and it pushed people to download their app, “Paintlist”. Paintlist takes a music playlist that you create and develops a custom palette for you to paint a room. You can then share your playlist and palette combo on social media. This type of ad would never have been possible without today’s technology. It uses the following:

  • A print or digital ad
  • A mobile device to download the app
  • Access to your digital music library
  • Access to your photos
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)


By providing this app, Dutch Boy offers its customers a “customized” experience in using their product. The customer has access to their own “professionally recommended palette” for free, and they get to show it off to the world via Social Media. Dutch Boy, in return, get access to the customer’s location, photos, music library, social media page, magazine reading habits and more. Not a bad trade off.

It all comes back to the idea of big data, and what personal information we are knowingly or unknowingly providing companies with access to. Many people mindlessly download apps because they make tasks more efficient, have an entertainment factor or are just popular at the time. How many apps do you have on your mobile device? How many do you access on a daily basis? Weekly? Monthly? At all? And how many companies have glimpses into your personal life via these apps?


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