The Evolution of WordPress

WordPress is a strange duck. Initially it began as a blogging platform, giving a voice to anyone who had access to the internet and a thought. However, WordPress has shown that it can evolve and as users create new features and widgets it will continue to be a popular platform for blogging and beyond. My experience with WordPress and building sites using their tools has led me to feel that it is one of the most user friendly systems available. In my last job, I was the Director for a Crowdfunding platform which used WordPress. While I wasn’t involved directly … Continue reading The Evolution of WordPress

Changing the face of advertising

The convergence of multiple media channels has changed the landscape of advertising in today’s digital world. Where you once looked for advertisements in the local paper, magazines, billboards and broadcast media, you now can see all of these represented digitally and across several platforms. It’s uncommon to find a company utilizing just one media channel, and many times they are providing interactive advertisements that urge you to find them on the web. For instance, lets look at an ad by Dutch Boy paint. Recently, Dutch Boy ran a series of ads that served two purposes: It promoted their brand and … Continue reading Changing the face of advertising

Are Journalists a dying breed?

Is being a journalist a lucrative, sustainable career? Are we educating doe-eyed 18-year-olds about the inverted pyramid, journalistic integrity and multimedia editing,  when four years later they’re going to have to work three additional jobs just to pay their rent (because they obviously won’t get approved for a mortgage)? The median salary for a newspaper journalist is roughly $30,000, where the median income for other college grads is about $42,000 (good for them. I think I started at $26k as a parole officer…) While that’s almost double the income to qualify for food stamps, by the time you take taxes … Continue reading Are Journalists a dying breed?

Is your Information “For Sale?”

Everyone knows that when they sign up for a shopper loyalty card, a store credit card, a credit card with frequent flier miles, etc., they are also giving up their personal shopping habits to the corporations that administer them. But how much information is being collected? Do people actually care that they are leaving the door to their life wide open? Does this deter people from applying for multiple cards? NOPE. Let’s look at shopper loyalty cards, for instance. Rite Aid, a popular drug store, has a card called the Plenti Card. This card is shown (or you give your … Continue reading Is your Information “For Sale?”

I’m almost done talking about Ashley Madison…I promise.

So, I’ve been following this whole Ashley Madison leak for a week or two, and I think it’s finally run its course, at least as far as I’m concerned. There doesn’t seem to be any new newsworthy developments. The long and short of it is: Ashley Madison, a website that encourages and promotes extramarital affairs, was hacked and had information about nearly 40 million users made publicly accessible Credit Card information, locations, photographs, chats and more were recovered, even after users had deleted their accounts An estimated 10,000 users that were exposed used government-issues email addresses and computers, bringing security … Continue reading I’m almost done talking about Ashley Madison…I promise.

Closing the Digital Gap

Does anyone remember “Wireless Philadelphia” from 2004? It was a city-wide initiative that provided wi-fi throughout the entire city, essentially treating internet access like a utility. A nonprofit org oversaw the project, which lasted about 4 years. It sounds likes a pretty solid plan. Provide internet access ANYWHERE in the City through one provider. (Think of how much you’d save on your data plan, alone.) But, the larger ISPs were not impressed with Wireless Philadelphia because they began to lose out on a pretty large chunk of change. So, after some heavy lobbying, and other financial issues, Wireless Philadelphia signed … Continue reading Closing the Digital Gap

Social App or Socio App?

When looking at some of the dating apps out there, I began to wonder if they are considered social apps or if they are just plain socio. Let’s break it down. According to our reading, social networks are defined as contained communities that allow for the sharing and curating of information. They are networks of individuals who come together for a common goal, whether it is to share experiences, pictures, content, etc. Then, you have the sociopaths who “exhibit extreme antisocial behaviors and attitudes”, like sitting on a couch looking at a dating app instead of going out and meeting … Continue reading Social App or Socio App?

Take away the internet, and you have the Walking Dead…

Imagine a world without the ability to instantly message your friend and tell them about the amazing and life-changing experience you just had drinking a non-fat soy frappuccino (no whip) from Starbucks, or not being able to check your Tinder account during your morning break at work, or not being able to catch up on highlights from last night’s episode of American Horror Story when you should be paying attention in your 2pm staff meeting. Even further, imagine having to write down your grocery list on paper before going shopping, having to site down and physically read the news or … Continue reading Take away the internet, and you have the Walking Dead…

Digital Convergence & Policing Police

(Click photo for Source Credit) There has been a lot of press recently surrounding police brutality and accountability for officers involved. One possible solution that has been implemented in nearly 1/4 of the police forces nationally (WZZM13) are body cameras on officers while they are on duty. I’m really not interested in opinions about whether this is right or wrong, whether it’s a huge oversight that the cameras have to be manually activated before an incident occurs, or how wearing cameras will interfere with an officer’s ability to make a quick and necessary decision; I’m interested in how this is … Continue reading Digital Convergence & Policing Police